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Scraping public data from a website probably isn’t hacking, says court

Scraping data from a website likely doesn’t violate anti-hacking laws as long as the data is public, a US court has concluded. Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said LinkedIn probably couldn’t tell an analytics company to stop pulling profile information from its platform. LinkedIn had sent the company, HiQ, a cease-and-desist letter — which has been enough to declare companies “unauthorized” in earlier cases. Here, however, the court ruled that LinkedIn couldn’t use anti-hacking rules to control [...]

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Why Responsive Design is Important and Google Approved

What is a responsive website? A responsive website changes the layout to offer an experience based on the device being used, especially ideal for mobile viewing. A mobile responsive website includes design elements such as: Readable text without requiring zoom Adequate space for tap targets No horizontal scrolling Did you know the number of smartphone users internationally surpassed 2 billion in 2016? Websites not optimized for all these smaller screens can experience a decline in their search engine rankings. Meaning, they are not getting found online. It’s true [...]


How to improve a website’s Google ranking

SEO tips and tricks to increase your traffic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more important to every site.  Historically, some of the techniques used have given SEO a bad name, but there are several simple ways to ensure your site benefits from natural search results. Search can be classified as either organic (natural) or paid. Organic (natural) results are those that occur naturally in search engine results pages (SERPS) and high results depend on both the technical construction [...]