ISTOTOPOS Web Solutions is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a vital part of our normal operations. Our CSR efforts guide how we operate in a socially, economically, financially and environmentally responsible way in order to deliver for all our  employees, community, environment, the government and our customers. Specifically, we have helped non-profit organisations and churches voluntarily with our services and consultations.

  • Responsibility to employees

‘Looking after our employee team is vital. After all it is our biggest and most important asset. We are obliged to provide a healthy and safe environment for the employees no matter the cost’.

  • Responsibility to the Community

‘The whole sense of responsibility towards the community will become limited if it is treated as philanthropic activities such as making donations or sponsoring events. We feel today society expects more from a business. A business could be involved directly with a responsible community care program’

  • Responsibility to our environment

‘We are aware of our responsibilities to keep our earth clean. We care greatly about protecting and sustaining a pollution free environment. We use technology that is pollution-free and comply with all environmental standards set by the regulatory bodies’

  • Responsibility to the government

‘It is our prime duty and responsibility to pay taxes and contribute exactly as the regulation allows and permits. We need to consider that if we contribute money properly to the government fund, then the government can use it properly for development purposes and this could bring social welfare’

  • Responsibility to customers

‘We value our customers as they are those to whom we offer our services and providing them the best quality of services is our prime responsibility