ISTOTOPOS Document Management Software

Our Document Management Software can be used to manage all your paper documents, all you need is a scanner and then you can store on our cloud software and get rid of all papers. The software has the following features:

  • Customers/Companies

    •         Manage all your documents in digital form no matter what type of file format
    •         Create categories and subcategories to organize your files
    •         Add tags on files to search faster and easier
    •         Ability to edit photos such as crop, resize and rotate
    •         Add watermarks on uploaded photo to protect your files and property
    •         Ability to convert to PDF and other formats
    •         Search by word, date, category, rating, filesize, filetype
    •         Upload in bulk, zipped file, remotely and even FTP

  •   General Settings

    •         Parameter Based – manageable by anybody without IT knowledge simple settings such as email, contact details, towns, qualifications, courses, locations and more
    •         User types – Read only users and administrators
    •         Accessible in multiple languages such as English, Greek and Russian
    •         Compatible on all Windows computers and tablets and devices
    •         Does not require server or expensive architecture