Web Application Development

Our team of professional and experienced consultants will guide you through your requirements to design a software application that is tailored to your company’s needs to grow and become more productive. We will learn everything we need to know about how your company operates in order to understand better your weaknesses and time consuming processes. From this learning process, we can help digitalize and automate many processes that are currently time consuming or highly susceptible to human error.

Istotopos team of developers have already create many products we can use for customers as starting bases and then customize fully to each company. If needed, we can also connect or bridge to another internal software system such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or accounting software or even Payroll. We can also do the migration of content for you by exporting your existing data (customers, sales, etc…) and importing them into the new developed system.

All of our software are developed and created with Service-Client architecture therefore once software is installed, many users can connect to the software at same time with different login credentials. This is great and can be used for Intranet and if required we can make it external of others users to be used on a global scale.

We respect and oblige by privacy and data protection, therefore if you require we sign NDA forms, we have our pens in handy ready to sign.

All of our software packages are equipped with functions such as below:

  • Export to PDF/ Excel or CSV
  • Send invoice/quotation/receipt to customer via email with PDF or SMS
  • All you need is a browser to access the software
  • Access and permission control based on users or user types
  • Robust, scallable and expandable software that is ready for the future
  • User friendly interface that is easy to use for all users
  • Management reports customized to your needs and to product accurate results helping you make every decision easier