Website Development

Istotopos Web Solutions develops websites that are visited daily by thousands of visitors in various leading business sectors (law, pharmaceutical, betting, branding, retail, construction/development and more).

We have built everything from single page advertising website to highly technical ecommerce online shops. Whatever your requirements, we will be able to accommodate your needs with our experience and provide you with the most cost effective solution.

Our team of professional web developers will provide highly effective web design solutions that will generate business and interest, providing everything you need from a visual design built always with Search Engine Optiization (SEO) in social media in mind to ensure your website receives the proper attention by search engines and found by your target audience. We will assist in growing your business in all online areas (SEO, social media, Facebook promotions, etc…)

Our websites are not only professional and modern, but also easy to use from both the visitor’s perspective and administrator to be easy to manage. For this, we always prefer to use WordPress, one of the most used and successful and popular Content Management System (CMS) in the web sector all over the world.

All of our websites are built to be responsive which means that they work on all devices which is very important especially since nowadays  over 70% of searches in Google and web traffic are executed on mobile phones or tablet devices.

Other than the above, our websites are packaged to include the following functionalities:

  • Integration of your website to your social media channels

  • Training at your place or remotely on the WordPress Administrator dashboard so that you can manage the content on your own

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ready for your website so that you customers can start finding you on their favourite search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo

  • Responsive display – website adjusts and displays correctly and easy-to-read on all mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

  • Multiple languages can be added on the website and we can even manage to translate it for you with our different translators to ensure we satisfy your target audience.

  • We offer website statistics on a live, daily, weekly or monthly basis directly to your email or live on your dashboard so that you can monitor the performance of your website and some Key Performance Indexes (KPIs) to see where your visitors have come from and what they have seen.